Bridging the Communication Gap

Understanding and working with cultural and gender differences in communication


A one day workshop for those who:

  • work in an international team/setting/organization
  • have an international background and are puzzled by Dutch culture
  • wish to understand the dynamics of gendered communication
  • wish to broaden their range of influencing styles

Whether you arrived in the Netherlands from another country or work in an international context, you need communication skills to advance in your study or work. Besides language, culture plays a considerable role in communication. Culture refers to the ‘way we do things here’ and is often taken for granted, either in a country, organization, family or any other group. Concepts of time, how to get things done or build relationships differ a lot from one country to another, one organization to another, one family to another. You may have experienced this yourself.

Gender, becoming more fluid these days, still influences our communication preferences. As a woman working in a male environment or vice versa, you may recognize differences in perception. Asking a question for instance may be perceived as ‘she doesn’t know, I need to explain it to her’ or as an invitation to share your thoughts to reach the best possible approach.

During this workshop we’ll work with The Culture Map by Erin Meyer, the work of Deborah Tannen and practice with influencing styles. By the end of the day you will have:

  • A broader pallet of influencing styles and knowing when and where to apply them
  • Tools to bridge the culture and gendered communication gap
  • Awareness of biases

The workshop is a mix of theory, practice, video fragments, assignments and exchange of experiences.

The workshop Bridging the Communication Gap is facilitated by Heleen Brinkman. Heleen manages to create a safe space to share and practice tools that are immediately applicable in both your professional and private lives.

We invite you to this one day workshop. The price is € 397,- (VAT exempt). The workshop will take place in the Utrecht region. Check-in is between 9:15 AM and 9:30 AM. We finish at 5 pm at the latest.

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In brief

Monday 9 December 2024

Boterstraat 24, Utrecht

Heleen Brinkman


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