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Transforming by reflection


In case your coaching question is specific and unique, a fitting option would be personal coaching. Leading Academic offers an individual training program.

Our approach is best described as genuine, warm and positive. We acknowledge you as a person, we work with your qualities and skills and give you space to process whatever arises. At the same time we ask you deepening, sometimes confronting, questions to gain new perspectives. Also we may share our knowledge how to navigate strategically within your organisation. What’s typical in our coaching is that you are given space to practice before you leave every session with practical tools and specific plans of action.

We support you as an academic professional in these areas

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Stress & vitality
  • Career & career advancement
  • Leadership skills
  • Strategic moves & conflict resolution
  • Communication & media

Each Leading Academic coach specializes in at least two areas. You find more information on the coaches and their specialities here.

In addition to the 1 on 1 sessions you have the option to select other training modules that fit your needs. We work with a so called ‘strippenkaart’ or voucher. We offer a 10 and a 20 unit voucher/strippenkaart, giving you access to these coaching and training sessions: 

  • 1,5 hour face-to-face coaching:                       3 units/ strippen
  • 1 hour online coaching:                                    2 units/ strippen
  • 30 minute coaching by phone:                        1 unit/ strip
  • 2 hour individual training session:                 4 units/ strippen
  • 1 day workshop*:                                               3 units/ strippen

Please check the Leading Academic website for the upcoming workshops, their themes and dates.

When you decide to attend our workshops, we offer the first one for only 1 instead of 3 units/strippen. 


Practical information:

The Coach program includes 20 units/ strippen and is available for € 1.997,- (tax exempt).
The Coach programma light includes 10 units/strippen and is available for € 997,- (tax exempt).
The location for the face-to-face coaching is at Boterstraat 24 in Utrecht. More convenient locations in terms of travel distance may be agreed on with your coach.

We don’t charge for the location.

More about our coaches >

For information or non-binding contact mail to:

What others say, reviews?

“Being raised and trained as a doctor in India I left for the Netherlands to do research. As I advanced in my scientific career, I started to notice that I lacked understanding about the political game in Dutch Academia. Ambitious to become Professor I knew I needed to develop these skills. My coach and I first explored what unconscious assumptions and beliefs I had that kept me from engaging in the political arena. That was illuminating. Then I was taught the dynamics of networking. We applied it to my situation, and I understood and practiced what to do when and with whom. It turned out to be a success. I’m delivering my inaugural speech quite soon.”



“As lab head I’m in charge of what goes on in the lab. I therefore need to give orders to several scientists and technicians. This group consists of people from all over the world, like Italy, China and the Netherlands of course. I myself am from Argentina. My way of giving an order or adding to a discussion is sometimes seen as intimidating. That shocked me. I know I can be somewhat fiery, but I never ever want to be perceived as an authoritarian lab head. Together with my coach I explored what I actually do in those situations and why. I also learned how to level more with the other person before I speak my mind. I’m still learning, but people do see the difference.”


Head of a laboratory

Working as a PostDoc at a department with mainly Dutch people was kind of hard. Especially in the beginning. I missed my family a lot and it was difficult to connect with my colleagues. I didn’t seem to grasp the unwritten rules. Everyone is considered equal, like I can call my professor by his first name. At the same time, I sense a strong hierarchy. It confuses me: I feel less self- assured because I’m stressed, I might say or do something wrong. Fortunately, my supervisor noticed this and she offered me a coach to work on this. And that’s what I’m doing: I learn a lot and it helps me to feel more confident. Of course it’s still work in progress”



Leading Academic is THE expert in advising, coaching and training academic professionals working:

  • from intrinsic, substantive drives;
  • in a complex context.

We organize coach, consultancy and training projects, both in company and as open registration.

If you want a free orienting conversation for your own development of for your organization, that is always possible.



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