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november 25


Improve your skills to match your worth

Would you like to improve your negotiation skills? Do you feel undervalued in terms of payment or working conditions? Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? Then this one day workshop is designed for you!

Negotiation is an every day activity, both in your private and professional lives. You need it to get what you feel you deserve. You need it to advance in your career.

During this workshop you get to understand the dynamics of several types of negotiation: bargaining at a souvenir stand is different from negotiating your position with your boss. You’ll gain insight in the pressure tactics, moves, used during negotiations, and will learn how to withstand these.

After this workshop you’ll feel more confident to prepare and start a negotiation and see more positive outcomes. You are able to recognize negotiation tactics and are able to stay true to your values.

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november 25